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Raeford Trash Dump

Aug 24

If you have a trash disposal problem in Raeford, North Carolina, then the Raeford trash dump is the best solution. It accepts recyclables as well as non-recyclables. However, there are some guidelines you need to follow in order to ensure that your trash is disposed of properly. The first step is to label your containers correctly. It is crucial to know the costs of making use of the Raeford garbage disposal.

Hoke County Solid Waste Scurlock Convenience Site

Hoke County offers five convenient sites to residents who require a trash dump. These locations are located in key locations throughout Hoke County. They take the majority of common trash, including household items, construction rubble, bricks, sand and scrap metals. To access these sites, residents must possess an official solid waste sticker. These stickers can be bought at the PRATT Building at 227 North Main Street, Raeford. Businesses are not allowed to utilize the convenience sites.

Raeford's garbage dump

Raeford's trash yard is a good option if you are seeking a place to dispose of your trash. It is located in a convenient location, and it's clean and secure. Residents may also contract an organization to collect and take away their garbage for them. It is important to follow the guidelines of the Raeford trash dump, since they guarantee proper disposal of waste. The only waste you should dispose of is non-hazardous products and paper at this site.

The disposal for trash in Raeford is the Hoke county solid waste Scurlock Convenience Site. It's located at 1210 Rockfish Rd, Raeford, North Carolina. Only Raeford residents with valid solid waste labels can access the facility. You can obtain these stickers from the PRATT Building located at 227 North Main Street, Raeford. These convenience sites are not permitted for businesses.


When you decide the place to dump your trash There are a lot of rules you have to adhere to. The Raeford trash dump will accept recyclable as well as non-recyclable materials. To make sure that the proper disposal is done, containers are required to be properly labeled. These guidelines are accessible online , or on the Raeford trash landfill's website. These guidelines will assist you to dispose of your garbage properly and securely.

The Raeford trash dump is a great option for removing your garbage. It is easy to access from major highways, and is clean and up-to-date. Your garbage will be appropriately disposed of, so you can feel confident. The facility is also working to ensure that the area is kept clean. These guidelines are simple to adhere to. These guidelines will assist you to safely dispose of garbage after you've been through these rules.


If you're planning to dispose of garbage in Raeford, NC, it's crucial to know the costs of hiring a dumpster. These costs are contingent on the location you live in and the kind of garbage you plan to eliminate. The standard size of a typical household trash bin is 20 cubic feet, but larger dumpsters can accommodate many different types of trash. For instance, a 40-cubic yard dumpster, for instance, could be able to store the majority of the debris leftover from a home renovation. Once you've decided on the appropriate size of dumpster and your needs, you will need to pay and schedule a drop-off date. It is also possible to require permission to put the dumpster in the roadway.

Removal of junk within Raeford, NC can be costly, depending on how much trash you'd like to get hauled off. A standard job will cost you between $100 and $300, while larger jobs can cost as high as $400. Prices for junk removal in Raeford, NC depends on three elements such as weight, size, and type. The size of the load is a crucial factor due to the weight and size of a truck determine the price range. Due to their specific recycling requirements, some products may have surcharges.


The Hoke County Solid waste Scurlock Convenience Site is a landfill in Raeford North Carolina. It is located at 700 C.c. Steel Rd. This disposal facility is assessed at 3.2 stars out of five stars. This facility has been operating since 1991. There are no reviews about this site. There are many other reviews. There is an obvious need to increase the efficiency of garbage disposal.

There are two trash disposal firms in the region: Rob's Trash Co Inc. and Raeford Waste Management. Both companies specialize in garbage disposal and have sales representatives available to answer your questions regarding their services and waste management. Both companies have received the 3.5 star review from recent customers and have received positive reviews. Raeford, NC is home to Rob's Trash Co Inc. It is situated near Raeford.

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