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Effortless Style at MC Hair Salon and Spa

Aug 23

MC Hair Salon & Spa can give your hair a a beautiful, spa-like experience. This salon is bike-friendly and offers many services women love. The team is highly trained and experienced. Each stylist will give you the look you want , with the care you deserve. There are also spa treatments and color consultations with Effortless Style.

Style that is effortless

Mc Hair Salon offers effortless style for all hair types. The salon offers many options for hair cutting, color, and hair styling. The effortless Style offers a customized method that enhances the beauty of your skin. The friendly staff will help you create the perfect look. Effortless design combines cutting-edge techniques with a relaxing ambience.

Marcy Cona

If you've ever been to a hair salon, you've probably noticed that it's an extremely organized and high-quality facility. Marcy Cona's Cuyahoga Falls hair salon is not an exception. The salon is well-equipped with professional stylists who are experienced and offer an array of services. Apart from cutting hair and coloring Cona's team also offers wedding services as well as photography shoots. Marcy Cona is working on a second location to her hair salon.

Bifen Xiong

BifenXiongMC's Hair Salon is a great location to get your hair done. It provides full-service wedding hair salon services as well as formal hair styling, as well. It also provides beauty and makeup services. When you're making yourself ready for a major night out or you just want to look your best for an event, Bifen Xiong will do everything from start to finish.

Color consultations

MC Salon and Spa is located in Cuyahoga Falls. It is managed by Marcy Cona, a leading colorist, expert and specialist in the business. Marcy has traveled all over the world to work for Wella and Clairol. She owns two successful salons in the area - the one is located in an Arts & Crafts style home, while the second is across the street. MC provides the full service salon and spa which also offers services for weddings and photo shoots.

A consultation is essential if you are considering radical hair color changes. This will assist you in choosing the correct hair color and lightener lift. Consultation should not be a one-way dialogue. It is important to express your needs and concerns. Your stylist can help to create the right appearance for you. Consultation is recommended if you are concerned about maintaining the color of your hair.

7400 Six Forks Rd # 7, Raleigh, NC 27615, United States