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Lentor Modern will benefit from the convenience of easy access to the city region by 2020

May 2

Lentor Modern is located in Singapore's Northern Region of Singapore, near Florissa Park, Lentor Drive and Yio Chu Kang Road, It's located in the region that comprises Ang Mo Kio, Thomson, Yishun, Sin Ming, Central Water Catchment and Bishan.

Lentor Modern encompass 17,279.9 square feet. It's roughly 18,666 square meters. The size of the property are 3.5 and is 60,480 square metres (or 651,003.5 acres ). The site is being designed to accommodate commercial and residential structures which are situated at the highest point of the mountain. The development is expected to be completed in 2022. Lentor Modern is anticipated to be completed in the second quarter of 2022.

Lentor Modern Condo can be located within a couple of steps from Lentor Modern Condo are just two steps away from Lentor Modern Condo are just two steps from. property and is located only five minutes from the Lentor MRT Station. Residents of Lentor Modern will benefit from the convenience of having fast and simple access to for the Singapore City region and the other regions of Singapore by public transportation system. The property is located just two steps away Lentor MRT Station. Lentor MRT Station. The construction is expected to complete by the year 2020. Within the next few hours, Lentor residents will accessibility to the Thomson East Coast Line and benefit from a quick and efficient trip to the City region as well as other areas of Singapore via public transportation.

Thomson East Coast Line expected to be operational in the next couple of years. People who live close to the line will have to travel through seven stations before arriving at their final destination, which includes orchard MRT. Orchard MRT Interchange. This is situated in Orchard MRT. Orchard MRT Interchange is managed by Thomson East Coast Line in conjunction along with Thomson East Coast Line, North South Line.

There are facilities such as The Infinity Pool Spa lap fitness pool, and sundeck inside the gym, featuring barbecue grills, yoga pits and spa facilities along with a bar and clubhouse located inside the pool area, as well as the dining space. The outdoor area includes reading coves and the landscape area which is a sports area and also a place for walking. From the gorgeous gardens to the vibrant colours of the streets, the area is brimming with activities happening in the neighborhood. Every moment is worth preserving and kept in mind.

GuocoLand is part of billionaire Malaysia Quek Cheng's Hong Leong Group. It is expected that the price will increase by 4.5% higher than the second highest bid of $775million. The cost is $1152 per square foot which is one% of the total area. GuocoLand is situated in the Province which forms part of Intrepid Investments. GuocoLand belongs to Intrepid Investments. property is part of a wider collection of properties which includes Hong Realty, TID Residential and Intrepid Investments. Kwek Leng Beng is the owner of Hong Realty. He is the proprietor of Hong Realty, is the owner of Hong Realty, is the owner of GuocoLand. property. Hong Realty is the property of the Quek family. Chan Leng Chan. Hong Realty is also responsible for the administration of his personal business which is a key part of Hong Leong Group Singapore. Hong Leong Group Singapore.

Residents are also able to visit Ang Mo Kio Hub located in Ang Mo Kio Town Centre. There are many restaurants in malls that permit shoppers to browse along Sembawang Road.

Schools that are located within the immediate vicinity of the condo in Lentor Contemporary Condo are CHIJ Saint Nicholas Girls School (Primary), Ai Tong School, Ang Mo Kio Primary School, Mayflower Primary School, Peirce Secondary School Bishan Park Secondary School Mayflower Secondary School Saint Nicholas Girls School (Secondary), Ang Mo Kio Secondary School, which is linked with Yio Chu Kang School. Secondary School.

The most famous and reputable schools in the region include Ai Tong School, Chinese High School, Raffles Institution, Raffles Girls' School and CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls School.

Lentor Modern Singapore The Lentor Modern Singapore is located in an area well-loved by fresh air. It is the home of Bishan Thomson, Bishan Thomson Nature Parks, Lower Peirce Reservoir Park, Lower and Upper Seletar Reservoir Parks.

A building phase is currently in process in order to transform to convert the GLS Lentor Central site into the open-air construction site that will see built over 25 floors composed of 605 homes that are higher and suitable for use for commercial use. Apart from F&B as well as retail shops,, there could be the chance of developing a space suitable for supermarkets, as well as an area that could be utilized for child care that is 11000 square. foot.

Due to the increasing HDB sales market as well as the increasing need for HDB upgrades and the selling of the units it is expected to expand the amount of HDB upgraders looking at Lentor Modern to be possibly one of their options. The launch will only promote development of condominiums which will be finished in 2022. So it is expected that the need for Lentor is expected to rise. Recently, there was a launch of condos. It also included the purchase of 421 units at The Calrose in the year 2005.